Cloud technology has reshaped the way businesses and individuals interact with data and computing resources. It leverages the power of remote servers to store, manage, and process information, offering unprecedented scalability and flexibility.

Multi-cloud cyber security

We provide a robust cloud security solution that identifies and mitigates security risks, while also aiding in achieving industry-standard compliance, such as PCIDSS, HIPPA, and more, for your Public Cloud Environment

Multi-cloud data management

We assist in the deployment and management of data across hybrid and multi-cloud environments while simultaneously safeguarding your data from ransomware threats. 

Multi Cloud automation

As your multi-cloud automation partner, we specialize in harmonizing the complexities of multiple cloud environments, ensuring efficient resource orchestration.

Multi cloud cost management & optimization

We kickstart a cost analysis and reserved instance strategy to enhance your investment efficiency and pave the way for multi-cloud adoption, all with minimal human intervention, thanks to AI/ML-powered automation.

What Dalhyd can do

With the rapid adoption of cloud platforms, data migration, including sensitive organizational information, has seen exponential growth. This surge underscores the importance of addressing security concerns through robust applications and stringent security protocols.
Our service encompasses the effective management of cloud computing products and services to optimize costs. In addition to streamlining workflow automation, our focus remains firmly on ensuring strict compliance and robust security measures during the data migration process.
To assess the complexity and impact of cloud infrastructure on application workloads, we harness AI-driven correlations and root cause analysis, providing clients with comprehensive reports and intelligent alerts. This empowers our clients to gain valuable insights and improve their management of cloud migration and infrastructure.
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